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Masturbation - How to stop?

God created everything perfect!
There is something that occurs in our body which naturally fulfills the biological requirements. And it needs our help! It is called nocturnal emission. But ... What's this?

Polluting Night: is ejaculation that occurs during sleep.
The body of the boy, from puberty, produces sperm for 24 hours. It turns out that at some point the body will also have to get rid of them for new espermatozoidezinhos arise. Someone has to get out!
It occurs naturally nocturnal emission. You wake up all wet ...

"If there are any among you who by reason of nocturnal emission is not clean, leave the camp, not stay in it."
However, declines in the afternoon, it will wash in water: and when the sun enters into the middle of the camp. "(Deuteronomy 23:10 and 11 - in the Bible Revised and Updated Version)


This issue occurs in biological menstruation. And there's also the issue of hormones ...
Testosterone despite being a "male hormone" is found in both males and females, although the amount of testosterone in women body is much smaller.
Studies indicate that testosterone is responsible for the increase in sexual desire.

Humm ... Can you understand now why boys are more "on edge" than girls, right?

Now answer me some questions:

- Do you masturbate often, or realize that the frequency is increasing?

- Attends internet porn sites and finally ends up masturbating?

- Do you feel the temptation to visit porn sites every time you're browsing the internet, even when that was not his original intention?

- You sometimes wonder how intimate is the part of a girl or boy, or even imagine having sex?

- You have a computer in there videozinhos downloaded from the internet, those folders that no one will ever find?

- You have a fakezinho created, whether on orkut or MSN, where you go into chat rooms and "general release"?

- Have you changed phones and the Internet today receives calls where papinhos are always spicy?
- You leave recadinhos orkut for those girls or boys who show her little body, hoping to get a response and start a chat that excite you?

If you answered "no" to all these questions, please answer me two more:

- You were born in Narnia?

- You believe that the stork brought agent for our family?

Be honest with yourself and with God!
If it is not honest, this is the first point to say that this situation will never change your life!

If you had at least one "yes" means that the fuel to turn your toy remote control has been released! Got it?

I'll explain ...

To everything there is a beginning, a middle and an end! Nobody're walking down the street and suddenly starts to masturbate ...
Therefore I say that masturbation is the order of things that have had a beginning and a middle.

The questions I asked above indicate the beginning and middle so that the person gets to practice masturbation.
If you get into porn sites, watch sex tapes, is thinking about sex and ways to do this, has a fake (like "tabby", "wet cat" and I'd better stop here!) Gets papinhos "calientes" by internet or phone, say that you have no way to change this behavior. The fuel for the error has been updated!

Sometimes people create the illusion of fighting directly against masturbation ... "Refrain yourself from all appearance of evil" (I Thessalonians 5:22 - Bible Revised and Corrected version in the simplified spelling), and also "Flee also youthful lusts ..." (II Timothy 2:22).

Explaining better: Masturbation is a bad habit itself, but the appearance of evil is everything that comes before and what led you to the point of masturbating!

Take a test!
It is not easy!
But it is possible!

Eliminate those things that come before and you will get stop masturbating; failing to reap the blame away from God and what comes next!

Thanks, Guys!

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